London, 2018

"DMC 2018. We are a colorful bunch of people - 30 individuals from all over the world with one mutual passion: design. We may have all come to London for the purpose of the course but not only did we learn together, we grew together. Through joyous evenings we got to know and appreciate each other. We embraced our different cultures and learned multiple ways of expressions in our various languages. Through our internationality, we were able to connect. Through food, we were able to become one. We all brought something to the table (pun intended) and we celebrate that.

Food is a way of art and design. It is about the flow of creativity, trying new things, taking new routes, failing, improving and in the end: sharing. Much like this course and our group, food is comprised of a plethora of different ingredients that all seem to make sense in the end. Design is diversity in itself, so we design-managed our multicultural diversity by creating this Cookbook as a collection of recipe postcards from all over the world. This Cookbook is a cultural artifact of uniquely different individuals learning, loving, and sharing over food."

Contributed to:

- Design and Layout
- Concept

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The Cookbook Zine