"Not only is MJ an extremely knowledgeable, innovative content strategist, she's also an incredibly warm, supportive manager. From day 1, she's been invested in helping me refine and develop my skills. Her feedback is always invaluable and she has a real skill for identifying pain points and coaching you to find your own solutions. MJ has been an inspiring teammate

to collaborate with. She brings creativity, a strategic mindset and tireless determination to every project. MJ will always be the one to drill down to the 'why' of a problem and surface data to quantify and track potential solutions. She's agile in her approach and always has the wider business goals in mind."

Jess Sansom, Learning Designer at Apolitical

"Maria Jose is the absolute dream colleague.  She is second-to-none when it comes to project management and she has all of the qualities you would hope a leader has. I always looked forward to a project knowing she would be involved. I've witnessed her lead creatives, all of which benefitted and respected her during their tenure together. If I could work alongside MJ again I would be delighted, so if you get the chance I suggest you do! You absolutely won't regret it."

Kassia Chatting, Marketing Manager at Learnerbly

"MJ and I worked together for over a year at Learnerbly. From the very beginning, MJ proved herself to be dedicated and committed to her role. Not only she managed to achieve milestones, but also she molded the Content Curator role and created a function from scratch by building the strategy and vision for it."

Gloria Reina, Partnerships Manager at HowNow

"Maria Jose is a talented communications professional with a genuine passion for sustainability within the fashion industry. She is well up to date with the goings on in the industry and applies those insights to her work effortlessly. It also helps that she is genuine, easy to work with and hard working, too."

Susannah Jaffer, Founder at ZERRIN