I have the word 'act' inked into my skin.

Each of my own acts tell the world who I am and which kind of society I want to live in.

My past is not perfect. I'm still coming to terms with it, accepting and acknowledging that the disappointments and frustrations from yesterday have shaped who I am today. Every challenge that I face is an opportunity to become more than I was before and challenge my future.

I find beauty in diversity and inspiration in the mess. I dream with outcomes and embrace the process of reinventing the future.

In an age that witnesses division, that silences those who think different, an age of walls that stresses borders with fences and separates territories and ideologies arguing protection, I advocate for a world where intercultural and interracial relationships push creative boundaries. Creatives must not tolerate, but indeed celebrate the differences, surround themselves with people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures who challenge their own thinking.

Opposites complement each other.

My mission is to question a homogeneous system that only works for the few and enable people to reconsider their role as extraordinary individuals of the social system and come together as a mosaic of differences that goes beyond its own limits.

I believe that, as designers, we are creative disruptors who have to shoulder the responsibility to act and to develop the being in our human condition to its full potential, embracing art as a catalyst for change.

Manifestos that have inspired this one:

- brixtopia.earth/manifesto
- Charter 08 (2008)
- Occupy. Noam Chomsky